Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Curling Iron tragedy

Wednesday morning..nobody really wants to call it Hump we won't either! Chuggs got all blushy over his Man we are giving all of you guys permission to have your own man is if you dont have one we encourage you to find one. It is alright for ladies to have a girl crush too...Make it happen! Lessons learned today revolve around safety within the morning bathroom routine. If using a curling iron, it is best to grip it to insure that it does not fall against any parts of your skin...common skin touches include: Forehead, ear, neck...and two less common areas...Armpit and Breast. Nikki suffered from a burn this morning on her armpit and Michelle chimed in with a boob it is not weird...right? Here is a remedy for those of you who find yourself in the same situation How to cure a curling iron burn! Hopefully tomorrow morning is not as dangerous!!

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