Thursday, January 17, 2013

Which side of the bed do you sleep on?

This morning we chatted about which side of the bed is better for you to sleep on...the left side (as you are laying on the bed) means that you wake up more cheerful and happy...and are more likely to have permanent employment. However, if you sleep on the right side you tend to have a higher paying job! Chuggs and Nikki both sleep on the left side of the that is why we are so cheery?;-) Tonight has lots of crazy tv get ready to chime in tomorrow. American Idol will be in Chicago...Lance Armstrong will sit down with Oprah (watch on OWN or at finally the premiere of King of the Nerds!! Be sure to follow us on twitter @RadioChuggs and @KissMeNikki to see what we are up to and of course Facebook/KissNationMornings! See you Friday morning for "Old Skool Jam Friday"

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