Monday, January 21, 2013

Welcome to Monday morning!!! It is so cold make sure you find a snuggle buddy to stay warm!!! We introduced our new intern today...Intern Makenna...she is from Kaukauna High School!! We only corrupted her for a short time...but there will be more to come!! Be sure that you are following us on twitter @RadioChuggs and @KissMeNikki because we are funny...just ask us!!! Note to self....if you are going to be least in want to be sure that you have enough of your own clients....why you ask? If you argue with another "exotic dancer" over a dollar that you think you are entitled will get into a knock down drag out fight....not a pillow fight mind you...or a tickle fight that Chuggs enjoys:-) The fight will then lead to a disorderly conduct for both of you...and instead of gaining a are losing $250. Also, feel free to be pregnant and an exotic dancer...because that is how we roll in Wisconsin!!! See you in the morning

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